Saint Monica Catholic Academy has developed a rigorous academic curriculum which will challenge our students to reach their full potential. We focus on the core areas of Science, Technology, Religion, Arts, and Mathematics.

Our science curriculum utilizes our STEM lab as its focus. Students will learn about biology, space science, earth science, and physics to fully prepare them for high school science classes. The curriculum utilizes both classroom instruction and hands on experiments for a wide ranging education experience.

Technology is rapidly changing the world and it is no different when it comes to how students learn and are taught in the classroom. Saint Monica Catholic Academy offers a staple of computer classes in our fully equipped computer lab. In addition, each student is provided a tablet through with they can access text books and class related material including homework. Teachers utilize the tablets in a number of ways to enhance the instruction of our students. Each classroom is also equipped with SMART board technology allowing for a more interactive learning experience.

Saint Monica Catholic Academy has Jesus Christ as the core of our curriculum and religion education is held daily to help our students grow in their love and understanding of Jesus. In addition to religion class students attend mass regularly and participate in daily group prayer. Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation, Holy Communion, and Confirmation are included in the religion education curriculum.

Students participate in engineering labs as part of their technology class. These include the use of manipulatives which students will use to demonstrate concepts of physics and architecture.

Students are exposed to a number of art instruction. In addition to regular art class, our students can participate in band, steel pans ensemble with instruction provided by Lincoln Parks Performing Arts Center, and our Arts Alive curriculum developed by Lincoln Park. Two all school dramatic religious presentations, a children’s choir, and an annual talent and art show are also available.

Saint Monica Catholic Academy students have an extended math period which better facilitates the absorption of complex ideas and concepts. Students will progress through instruction that includes pre-algebra and prepares them for advanced math classes in high school.