Saint Monica Catholic Academy’s belief that there can be no barriers to God’s blessings includes a commitment to making a high-quality Catholic education available, accessible, and affordable for everyone – regardless of where they live, what faith they follow, or their ability to pay.

Our tuition is among the lowest of any Catholic school in the nation, and our generous financial aid programs mean that the average family pays around $200 a month – less than the cost of the typical cable television or cell phone bill!

Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, Saint Monica Catholic is lowering its standard tuition, making the Christ-centered, missionary-focused education we offer more affordable – and more valuable – than ever before. We’ve also made our tuition the same for Catholic and non-Catholic families.

For more information on tuition, financial aid, and flexible payment options, please call (724) 846-5955.

2024-2025 K-8 Tuition    
1 Student $3,900  
2 Students $5,900  
3 or More Students $7,100  
2024-2025 Pre-School Tuition    
3 Year-Old Half-Day Program
(Tuesday and Thursday)   
4 Year-Old Half-Day Program
(Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) 
4 Year-Old Full-Day Program $175/month