SMCA is a Catholic elementary school that maintains the right to establish a uniform dress code for its students. It is recognized that proper school attire and good grooming are conducive to a student’s education and social development. This Dress Code was developed:
  1. To promote a Christian atmosphere
  2. To free children for academic concentration
  3. To de-emphasize competition among children regarding clothing
  4. To allow more economical dress for school, and
  5. To provide some choice to accommodate individual differences.
This Dress Code is required of all students in Grades 1-8. Kindergarten is optional. This policy is intended to maintain a standard of dress that is neat, economical, modest, and attractive.

SMCA Dress Code
  • Soft collar polo or turtlenecks in white, navy blue, Carolina blue (this is a light blue).
  • Oxfords in white or Carolina blue.
  • Sweaters: long sleeve cardigan, pullover, crew, V-neck, or sweater vests in white, navy blue, and Carolina blue.
  • Navy blue SMCA t-shirt with white crest. No other t-shirts permitted except on the two “jean days” held each month.
  • All shirts must have collars and be solid colors (no stripes or prints).
  • Shirt tails are to be tucked in.
  • No jackets are to be worn during school day. SMCA sweat shirts ONLY are allowed from November 1st-April 1st.
  • Navy blue or khaki pants, capri pants or knee length walking shorts.
  • No denim of any color is to be worn except on the two “jean days” held each month. No baggy jeans or sweats allowed.
Girls may also wear:
  • Scoop neck uniform jumper, polo dress, skirt, skort, or knee length shorts in plaid, khaki, Navy blue, or Carolina blue.
  • White blouses with long or short sleeves.
Hair & Shoes:
  • Hair should be neatly trimmed, off collar and out of their eyes. No multi-colored hair or unnatural colors.
  • No bandannas or hair scarves are allowed.
  • Clean and neat footwear must be worn and shoelaces must be tied.
  • No flip flops, but closed-in sandals without socks are allowed in warm weather.