Our Missionstudent and teacher

Saint Monica Catholic Academy exists to form each child by instilling Catholic values and developing his/her own uniqueness in a quality education environment.

Vision Statement of the Diocese of Pittsburgh Department of Catholic Schools

The Vision for the Department for Catholic Schools is to promote and to sustain Catholic Schools of unparalleled quality, which integrate faith into every aspect of life and culture, producing graduates who continually strive for human and Christian perfection.

It is the aim of SMCA to provide a Catholic, educational setting in which our students and their families can integrate gospel values in daily living. We strive to create a climate in which each child can develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially, and in turn enhance the world.

Each child will develop an understanding of Catholic doctrine, Liturgy, the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture, and personal prayer to build a personal relationship with Christ.

All children will be provided with challenging, yet realistic goals to achieve their full potential. Individual learning styles and rates of achievement will be recognized.

Each child will receive guidance in developing sound attitudes and habits for both mental and physical health.

Each child will develop a Christian awareness of responsibility to God, family, parish, community, nation, and world.

At Saint Monica Academy, we strive to build the Kingdom of God on earth. We endeavor to create a strong spirit of unity between the parish and the school, and with the Beaver Falls community.
We look forward to the changes that each school year brings and will continue to minister to the needs of each child and foster a deep understanding and belief in our Catholic faith.
1. To promote Catholic values in all areas of the school curriculum.

2. To provide a superior academic background, which will enable each child to excel.
3. To recognize the dignity, needs, and talents of each child and to promote acceptance of their uniqueness.
4. To develop a sense of responsibility to self, parish, community, country, and world, with an emphasis on peace and justice.
5. To assist children and families in times of need through recognition, intervention, and referral to proper support agencies.