Science Olympiad Awards

The Science Olympiad is a hands-on STEM program that incorporates team-building and leadership in a cooperative competition.
Eighth grade students, under the guidance of their science teacher and STEM Lab Coordinator, Mrs. McCann, created and led the Olympiad events. Students in Grades 4-7 were placed on mixed-grade teams and participated in team-building activities in the days leading up to the Science Olympiad competition.
Kindergarten student high-fives a Science Olympiad event winnerThe competition was held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 25-27, 2021. Students competed in a variety of events, including an egg drop and a sink-or-float challenge.
A schoolwide awards ceremony was celebrated on Friday, May 28th. Again the 8th Grade students took the lead to explain the events and present the medals, with Mrs. McCann announcing the individual event winners and then the overall team awards.
1st Place: Lime Green ChiGens
2nd Place: Green Beans
3rd Place: Blues Clues
4th Place: Purple Pirates
Sportsmanship Award: Green Beans